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Scripture Union Qld is an organisation focused on helping children and young people discover their identity, meaning and purpose. This blog aims to show you the heart of those who are connected with this organisation through research, expert opinions and first-hand experiences. We hope that you are informed and inspired to help us do what we do best – support our youth.


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Chaplaincy – a dream come true

There are key characters in all great stories. And Keith Drinkall is just one character who authored the first chapter in the story of chaplaincy.

Keith’s life was altered when a shocking event occurred that would change his life and the course of SU QLD…

“A young man from our church was killed in an accident. As a teacher, it made me think of my students and if they were to lose their lives prematurely,” says Keith.

At that moment, Keith decided he wanted to do anything he could to make a lasting difference in young people’s lives. “A week later I received a call from Jim Rawson (former CEO) offering a position in schools work.

Keith with Jim Rawson(Keith Drinkall with former CEO Jim Rawson)

“I decided to move from teaching to join the SU QLD ISCF (Inter-School Christian Fellowship) field in 1974. Over 19 years I was an ISCF staff member, ISCF coordinator and SU QLD Deputy Director under Jim,” he says. “I had a dream to do Christian work in high schools. I was given a month to explore if this was possible.”

With the Queensland Education Department’s approval, the program ‘Christian Option’ began in 36 schools.

“It became obvious, that with more than 160 Queensland high schools at the time, we would need more people and funds,” he says. “We received a large cheque from a local church involved in the program with a note saying ‘put chaplains in schools’. That was 27 years ago. I went to the department and asked if they would allow chaplains to operate in schools. We were approved, and in my time, we placed the first chaplains in 12 schools.”

SU Staff Conference-Keith(Keith Drinkall, back row center, at an SU QLD Staff Conference)

Keith says SU QLD’s chaplaincy program is as relevant to today’s young people as it was when it began, but the program has evolved to meet the changing needs of children and young people.

“Chaplaincy is a wonderful gift of God to Queensland students and school staff. It is very encouraging to see the level of acceptance and support chaplaincy has gained and to hear the incredible stories of positive impact that it makes in school communities. 25 years is a remarkable milestone, and we pray for even greater things in the years ahead,” says Keith.

Whether you have only recently joined the SU QLD family or have been with us for the full 25 years of chaplaincy, your contribution will shape the next 25 years and beyond.





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Received 31 January 2013:     further information on the site here.

As you know the heart of SU QLD is children and young people – and right now we particularly think of those affected by this week’s devastating floods. I’m sure you’ve heard the many stories of children who’ve lost their homes, all their toys, their schoolbooks, their uniforms – even their shoes.

It’s confusing, it’s frightening, and it’s incredibly disruptive for these families. So many Queenslanders fought hard to put their lives back together after the 2011 floods only to watch it all go under again…

I know you want to help – and so do we.

Dozens of chaplains are already working hard in flood-affected areas. But starting today, we are releasing an initial $50,000 care package to our frontline chaplaincy support teams, enabling them to help many families get back on their feet and the children get back to school. We want our chaplains to be able to provide real, tangible assistance to those families worst affected, so we are adding some financial assistance to their already generous pastoral care and support.
This was certainly not an expense we’d anticipated, and could potentially impact our chaplaincy recruitment plans for the rest of the state… but it doesn’t have to! I’m asking you to give a gift today so we can expand this $50,000 figure, helping more hurting families, without pulling vital funds from our regular school chaplaincy services across Queensland.

Thank you for helping the young people of Queensland in every way you can.

Warm regards,
Peter James