TOFFS – a group for baby-boomers

Time out for friends (TOFFS) – a group of Christian baby-boomers enjoying a monthly fun, social activity.  Photos and activities listed below.     Please come along and join in the fun.  


Welcome to Time out for friends!  Come and join us.  Always room for more people.  It’s a social group which meets once a month, the first outing is a planning gathering where everyone gets a say on what type of activities they’d like to do during the year.  We meet on the third Saturday of each month, with the final activity in November.  Some of the activities we’ve done are listed below.  If you think you’d like to join us or perhaps you haven’t been for a while, just contact the office and ask for details of where it’s being held.   This website will also list details.  


You are invited to choose an activity to “HOST” i.e. book venue, take enquiries, send an article for the Messenger to the office for inclusion about 3-4 weeks prior to the event. Anyone can invite friends to join in.   Time Out For FriendS (TOFFS)  is just that and all are invited to participate in these friendly, social and fun activities.


              ACTIVITYNAME & Contact Details
17-Feb-18BREAKFAST at Little Bloomfield Café Cleveland  7.30 am Jill
17-Mar-18KING ISLAND STROLL & BBQ at Wellington Point Reserve       Time TBA    depends on tide 
21-Apr-18Lunch and then (for those able) a walk around Coochie and perhaps an ice-cream.      Miriam and Ross 
19-May-18BREAKFAST at Tanya’s Café Wellington Point  7.30 am                 Bev and John 
16-Jun-18PROGRESSIVE DINNER.  Everybody must pull together to make this one happen! We need three homes to visit – cheese and biscuits, entrees, or soup (first home), main courses (salads, casseroles, sandwiches, etc) (second home) and deserts/hot drink (third home).  If we have plenty of venues to choose from, we’ll choose three which are in closer proximity to one another.   If you’re not a host, please join one of the three teams to help provide the relevant food.  BYO drinks or water will be provided.  Tea and coffee provided at house 3. Willing  hosts:


2  Glenys and David (main)

3 Lois and Bob (dessert)


21-Jul-18BREAKFAST at Harvest Café Victoria Point 7.30 am              Graham and Joan 
18-Aug-18“GARDEN PARTY” Afternoon Tea in the front paddock of Ruwoldt’ s property at Redland Bay.  Everybody to bring some delectable afternoon tea to share and a fold-up chair.  Start:  2.00 pm Wendy and Don 

12.00 pm  1-15A Runnymede Road, Capalaba 

 Brigitte and George
20-Oct-18CARPET BOWLS  in the hall      Please bring a plate to share for supper Stan and Val 
17-Nov-18CHRISTMAS lunch at the Point of View Restaurant   1 Main Rd, Wellington Point   Ann 
 NB THIS IS A DRAFT from suggestions made last Saturday night and is flexible. 



All activities have now been completed for 2017.  If you’d like to join us in 2018, you’d be most welcome.  A program for each month will be listed here after our first gathering at the end of January 2018.    Thanks for a great year, everyone!

Thank you to all who attended our Christmas lunch at Wello.   Our host, Ann, had arranged several Christmas-themed games and our meal was delicious.  Frontier Services has received our donations.  This was their reply:

Thank you for your donation to Frontier Services for our work in remote Australia.

Your gift is greatly appreciated and will be used to assist in providing vital volunteering, community recovery and pastoral services across remote Australia.

Please find your receipt below.


Frontier Services
Tel : 1300 787 247
Fax : 02 8270 1313

Frontier Services
ABN: 77 231 384 646
Level 10, 222 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000


Donation Reference:
Date : 18/11/2017 05:00:19

Donation : $175

CHRISTMAS EVENT:  host – Ann RichardsonImage result for christmas

TOFFS                                  Saturday                           18 November                 12.00 pm            




21 October 

The Time Out for Friends group met around a ‘campfire’ indoors yesterday as the rain pelted down on the small hall’s tin roof.  They sipped hot soup and shared some lunch while some bush poetry was enjoyed.  After a movie, the second-last 2017 monthly gathering was over and they all looked forward to the final Christmas lunch in November.   Brigitte and George – thank you for organising and then re-organising this event because of the inclement weather.

We’d love you to join us any time you can.    





November 18     Christmas lunch at local venue (offerings aren’t available yet)

Consider volunteering as an activity host.  Sharing the load is why TOFFS is so popular.  Contact Jill or the office.  


Coochiemudloo Island 2017



2 December  Christmas lunch at RSL Cleveland.  Our final gathering for 2016. 

Saturday 15-Oct-16     Breakfast 7.30 am ‘The Little Bloomfield Cafe’, Cleveland    Located next to the Cleveland Library.

Back to the 1960’s!

Great team-work everyone!

Please contact the church office for more information.

20 August 2016:  breakfast at The Harvest, Victoria Point

A program for TOFFS:

Saturday 20-Feb-16     Breakfast 8am CC’s Raby Bay     Jill

Saturday 19-Mar-16     Lunch The Tuscan Terrace        Jill

Saturday 16-Apr-16     Breakfast 7.30 am ‘Tanja’s’ Wellington Point     Lyn & John

Thursday 12-May-16     RPAC  Motherhood tickets now on sale.  See Ann asap

Saturday 18-Jun-16     Church Concert    Further details to come     Marcie

Saturday 16-Jul-16     Brisbane Riverwalk          Ann  –  postponed to a date to be advised.

Saturday 20-Aug-16     Breakfast 7.30 am Harvest Cafe, High Street, Victoria Point     Joan and Graham

Saturday 17-Sep-16     International night/sixties dress-up/dance, quizz in the hall     Everyone  to host OR  Breakfast 8.00 am ‘SlipWay’ Redland Bay      Bev & John

Saturday 15-Oct-16     Breakfast 7.30 am ‘The Terrace Café’ Cleveland     Lois & Bob

Saturday 26-Nov-16     Chistmas Event Red Rock Café Coochimudlo Island     Ann Place your order with the hostess.   Gluten Free available.


We will meet monthly on the third Saturday of each month from February to November.


CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS –  as many of our TOFFS members like to volunteer to help with Christmas Light, we don’t hold an activity in December.


TOFFS Breakup Luncheon


15 Nov 2015         Christmas lunch RSL    (Lynette and John)    12.00 pm


20 June 2015  1920’s Silent Movies and supper evening.  


16 May 2015:  A Cleveland historical walk.  Lunch at the Grandview Hotel.

So, where did we walk to?  Click here to find out, plus approximate times of arrival at each venue.

Some of us under the Banyan tree during the walk:




The Redlands Museum – March 21, 2015 (above).

November:  Christmas on Coochiemudlo Island.

Sirromet Winery for lunch.  The band played, the sun shone.  Lovely outing.

September – breakfast at Tania’s was a nice treat first thing in the morning before heading off to other activities.

August – a chilly but enjoyable spot at Indigiscapes.  Bush tucker was delicious and the stroll among the gum trees refreshing.

July 12 – 6pm – at the hall.  Hot pot meal, travel pics and trivia.  Went off really well!  Thanks everyone for participating.

20/4/2014    Lovely trip to Russell Island for a tour and lunch at Alice’s Cafe.



June 2013 :  a progressive supper.  A nippy night but everyone soon warmed up and enjoyed visiting three homes for the progressive supper.    Pooling cars, we drove from Redland Bay to Wellington Point. 16 March:  lovely breakfast under the trees near the Cleveland Library! 16 February 2013:  the first gathering for 2013 was held at Trevor and Lynne Gibson’s home in Wellington Point.  Saturday 8 December 2012 The final gathering for 2012 was held at CC CAFE at Raby Bay.  A table was booked for 20 people at 6:30 pm.   An opportunity was made available to support the Christmas Bowl appeal for those interested. Outings:  17 November 2012 An enjoyable lunch  at INDIGISCAPES at 17 Runnymede Rd Capalaba followed by walk around the natural gardens.  The only cost for this outing was the meals from around $9.00 – $18.00.  A table had been booked for 15 people and we all enjoyed a tour of the Aussie landscape. sam_0212 20 October 2012   A group of nine had a great day, departing from Cleveland on the 8.50am water taxi to Dunwich where we were met by a bus which took us to Point Lookout. We arrived about 10 am, just in time for refreshment before setting out on the Point Lookout Gorge walk. There were plenty of stopping points to enjoy the awesome views. We saw turtles, sting rays and dolphins. Together we enjoyed lunch at a picnic table under a shady tree overlooking Frenchman’s Beach. There were plenty of cafes to buy take away and ice-creams. The weather was perfect, fine and sunny with a welcome sea breeze. Just an hour and 10 minutes travelling time and we were back on the mainland by 3.30 pm. Everyone enjoyed the exercise in the great outdoors and good company. Next time we could enjoy a beach walk and a swim in the surf which looked very inviting.


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