U3A Stamp and Coin group

Image result for stamps and coinsAre you a philatelist or a numismatist?

Do you know what a philatelist or a numismatist is?  You may even be one without knowing it.

  • A philatelist collects postage stamps and associated materials such as stamped envelopes, postmarks, postcards, covers and similar material.
  • A numismatist collects coins and associated items such as medallions and tokens.

If either of these sounds like you, you may like to join a group of like-minded people to learn more and share ideas and information. Did you know that two groups of coin and stamp enthusiasts meet at the Cleveland Uniting Church?

At 2.00 pm on the third Thursday of each month, the U3A Stamp and Coin Group meets in the Small Hall.  There is a set theme for each meeting and members are invited to display material which represents that theme.

Can’t get to a daytime meeting?   The Redland Coin and Stamp Group may be right for you. This group is a sub-branch of the Queensland Numismatic Society.  They meet on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7.00 pm, also in the church’s Small Hall.

Both of these groups will suit the amateur collector who enjoys their hobby and would like to learn more.


Want to know more?  Then contact John Hardman on 3822 6987 – or simply turn up to one of the meetings.  You can also contact the church office to leave a message for us.