Cleveland Uniting Church

36 Passage Street, Cleveland, Qld Australia  4163

Phone 9-12 week days:  32865627

You can request access to be able to use and view the online church directory by clicking on and filling out the short form.   Please click here to access the Congregation Directory database (called Elvanto) to obtain information about yourself and others who have entered their personal details and allowed you to gain access to this detail.  It will open at a home page with the Log in at the top right-hand corner.  Click “Log in” and add your email address and password to gain access.  It will open into your own section with several tabs at the top bar.  These tabs are Admin area, Home, Church website, Church Directory, Calendar, Links, My Groups, My Roster, and My Roster Unavailability.   If you want to find someone’s phone number, click on Church Directory and type the family surname into the search box.  You can also manually scroll through the photos provided and find a person’s details either way.  If that person has allowed you to view their email address, there’s a box you can click on situated up the right-hand top corner of your screen  – “Contact (first name)” to send an SMS or an email or a letter to them directly from here.

For more information about how we collect, store and access private information at Cleveland UC, as well as the expectations of members for how we handle information in the church directory, check our website at this link.

If you would prefer not to be included, ignore this information and you will not be added. You can change your mind about this at any time by contacting the church office