Cleveland Uniting Church

36 Passage Street, Cleveland, Qld Australia  4163

Phone 9-12 week days:  32865627

Please note that the halls are unable to be rented out at the moment due to Government restrictions at this time.

You are invited to hire either of our church halls or the tennis court.

Both halls are wheelchair accessible, clean and often busy.

Both spaces are available for inspection during the normal Church Office hours..

Click here to check the availability of the spaces as well as submit an inquiry online 

Large Hall

Open plan hall with a stage at the front and seats approximately 200.  We also have collapsible tables and chairs for your use.  The hall is also equipped with a sound system and widescreen TV.  This hall has a recently renovated kitchen area attached with modern conveniences.

Click here for inside view

Small Hall & Patio

Suitable for meetings and smaller gatherings of up to 60 people. Is equipped with a widescreen TV.

Click here for inside view

Tennis Court

A very well-maintained tennis court is available for hire.  Details and bookings are available from the office.  Observers can use the small shelter near the court which contains a sink, table and chairs. This is booked separately, with the details on the tennis court fence near the church office.