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36 Passage Street, Cleveland, Qld Australia  4163

Phone 9-12 week days:  32865627

church, the historical organ and Christmas Light.  For a deeper look at researching our history, we recommend you consider buying the book Unfinished Story.  A sermon preached on the occasion of the church’s centenary is also below along with interviews (audio and video) discussing previous generations in the life of Cleveland Uniting Church.

Unfinished Story editing and proof-reading team worked tirelessly on assisting researcher and writer, Rhelma Morton, in producing a factual account of the first one hundred years of worship, witness and service of the members of the Cleveland Methodist/Uniting Church.  The team consisted of Beryce Fowler, Dawn and Ray Oliver, Denis Morton, Bob Anderson, Stan Goleby, Graham Swann and Rev Peter Elliott.

In 2009, a sermon was preached on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Cleveland Congregation of the Uniting Church in Australia by Rev Douglas L. Jones, a Minister of the Uniting Church in Australia.  Rev Jones was the general Secretary of the Synod of Queensland at the time.  Prior to becoming General Secretary of the Synod, Rev Jones was the Director of Old Testament Studies in Trinity Theological College, Brisbane, a member school of the Brisbane College of Theology.  Prior to that, he was the Director of the Synod’s Department for Community Services (now Uniting Care Queensland).  Rev Jones had previously served as a Minister in the Tablelands Parish and as a Lay Pastor in the Bowen/Collinsville Parish and the Redlands Parish.

A sermon summary is available.    Cleveland Centenary Sermon summary (Rev Douglas Jones)


  1. John Whitlock snr talks with Ruth Hogg in 2009.   She is the daughter of the late Rev Ralph Hogg and Hazel Hogg – Rev Hogg was the Minister of the Cleveland Methodist Church from 1958.   Interview 2009:  for audio only, click:  Interview with Ruth Hogg.  This is the file for above interview:  (13.5 mg download):  sorry, unable to load video.
  2. John Whitlock senior re church buildings. .
  3. John Butters interviews Clyde Gilmour  in 2009 – audio here.  Mr Gilmour relates his memories of Cleveland Methodist church and the beginnings of Blue Care and Nandeebee in Alexandra Hills.   Mr Gilmour was a lay preacher and an elder for many years at Cleveland Uniting Church.  He speaks of hopes for continued local co-operation between other denominations .  This is the same interview in a larger download file in MP4 format (10 mins):  Mr Clyde Gilmour interview (John Butters interviewing) 2009
  4. An interview with NORM DEAN by John Butters in the year of our Centenary.   2009

The first service was held in the Cleveland church congregation in the home of Mr and Mrs George Zerner in Bloomfield Street.  It was held on Sunday afternoon 26 January 1908.


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