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36 Passage Street, Cleveland, Qld Australia  4163

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Our organ was built in Brisbane by B B Whitehouse in 1912 for the Clayfield Methodist Church and it was rebuilt in 1947-48. It was purchased from them and installed in its present location in 1989.


The value of a comparable organ today would be around $200,000.  Additional eight ranks of pipes to complete the specification of the organ have been acquired and will increase the number of stops from 21 to 29.  Nine on the great manual, ten on the swell manual and ten on the pedal.

The additional 424 pipes, sourced from various places, included a considerable number from Sydney, were originally from St John’s Anglican Church, Chatswood.  New soundboards, chests, rackboards and bellows have been hand-made by church members.

Additions in 2008 include a new large blower and silencing enclosure so that the organ is now powered from one blower only. Also a one-off design, handmade swell motor which operates the swell shutters quickly, precisely and using pneumatics, thus eliminating the necessity for the small electric motor which has served the organ since its installation on this site.  Spring pressure is now applied to two of the three bellows in lieu of the weights (bricks) that existed before.

An organ requires constant servicing and tuning to perform at its best and we would like to acknowledge the devoted efforts made by our dedicated volunteers to keep our organ in top shape.  More intensive history of this organ can be found here.


GREAT ORGAN           SWELL ORGAN                PEDAL

Open Diapason8           Violin Diapason8’          Trumpet8′

Clarabella8’                  Gedackt 8′                   Bass Flute8′

Dulciana’                     Salicional8′                   Bourdon16′

Principal4′                    Gemshorn4′                 Echo Bourdon16′

Flute4′                         Flute4′                         Octave Flute4′

Twelfth2 2/3                         Piccolo2′                      Trombone16′

Fifteenth2′                   Closed Horn8′               Diapason8′

MixtureIII                   Oboe8′                        Gamba8′

Trumpet8′                   Nazard2 2/3                          Fifteenth2 2/3′

MixtureII                     MixtureIII

Clarion 4′


Solid State Capture Action                              General Cancel

4 Memories                                                     Set Piston

6 General Pistons X 4                                      Pedal – 2 toe pistons

7 Pistons – Great X 4                                      Full Organ Toe Piston

7 Pistons – Swell X 4

Full Organ                                                      Expression Pedal

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Swell to Great

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Gt/Ped, Swell/Unison Off, Swell to Great, Swell to Ped, Swell Octave, Swell Sub Octave