Information Privacy and Processes


Click here for a summary of how we gather, store and access personal information at Cleveland UC


The private information contained in the Church Directory, Messenger, rosters and church database have been obtained with individual consent. 

The Cleveland Uniting Church has collected the information herein to allow the congregation to care for each other. As such, it is important that we ensure that as a church community, both individually and collectively, we handle this data in a way as to maintain the trust 

For example, this means

  • You should keep your information up-to-date
  • You should not share your members hub login details with other people, particularly those outside of Cleveland UC
  • Information contained in the Church Directory, Messenger, rosters and church database cannot be passed onto any other organization or individual for marketing purposes or gain.
  • If contacted by someone outside of Cleveland Uniting Church, you should not give out personal information from the church directory or database
  • You should dispose of print editions of the church directory in a secure way. (Shredding, burning, or returning to Cleveland UC office for disposal) 
  • If you are aware someone misusing of personal information in the directory, you need to inform the Cleveland UC office so that we can restrict that person access.

For more information about both your rights and our responsibilities to you, see the  Australian Privacy Principals Guidelines

Cleveland Uniting Church is part of the Uniting Church, Queensland Synod and is also bound by its  Privacy Policy which you can obtain from their website. (