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7 October 2018

What would Jesus Do? What Would Jesus Say? Does anyone remember the WWJD wristbands that were really popular in the early 2000s… You know, back in the olden days before social media… Maybe they are still popular and I just don’t notice… The thing is, the “What would Jesus do” or “What would Jesus say…

16 September 2018

Sticks and Stones… “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me…” How many of you have heard this little saying before? I remember hearing it as a kid. The thing is that as I look at it now, I think this has things totally backwards… I mean at least if…

17 February 2019



2 April 2017   Rev Peter Smale

26 March 2017  Rev Stephen Rothery

19 March 2017  Rev Peter Smale

12 March 2017   Rev Peter Smale

5 March 2017   Rev Stephen Rothery

26 February 2017 Rev Peter Smale  The Transfiguration

19 February 2017    Rev Peter Smale

12 February 2017   Rev Peter Smale

29 January 2017   Rev Peter Smale

22 January 2017   Rev Peter Smale

15 January 2017    Rev Stephen Rothery

8 January 2017     Rev Stephen Rothery

Christmas Day sermon    25 Dec 2016    Rev Peter Smale