Understanding Your Kids + Their Digital Life

  • 07:00 PM
  • 36 Passage Street, Cleveland Qld

Wednesday the 7th of June, 7pm -> 8:30pm @ Cleveland UC (Find us on Google Maps)

How are parents supposed to keep up when the Internet is an ever-expanding, ever-changing environment? How do you encourage your children to live a fully authentic life while protecting them from the many pitfalls that social media so readily provides?

UNDERSTANDING YOUR KIDS & THEIR DIGITAL LIFE is a 90 minute session free of fear and fake news that will deliver tools and help parents develop strategies to address the growing digital divide between them and the young people in their care.

We will explore how young people use the internet; provide tips on discussing appropriate behaviour; and share ideas on ways to support your young people by providing a safe, supportive environment. There will be the opportunity to discuss the material, including a Q&A session.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR KIDS & THEIR DIGITAL LIFE is presented by Steve Molkentin, the Digital Youth Discipleship Project Officer for the Uniting Church in Australia (Qld Synod). Steve is a 25 year IT professional and father of 2 specialising in demystifying technology and is passionate about helping young people connect with and express their faith in a post-truth world.

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