Sermon 2 July 2017

Sermon 2 July 2017


God has given us a wonderful world to live in and has showered us with all that we need to live a very comfortable life. What are we willing to share? Is God or our comfort more important to us? This is the test that God sets Abraham. Is Abraham willing to give his most precious gift from God back to him? Abraham shows that he is willing, he shows that he puts God first to the extent of being willing to sacrifice his son. The idea of killing a child is abhorrent to us but God does not require this, he requires our giving back what is precious to us, trusting that God will provide what we need. We produce more than enough food for all people in the world but people are hungry. Are we willing to put God first in our lives or will we just remain comfortable?

Speaker: Moira Dodsworth

Although not born in Australia, I have lived here for 30 years mostly in Central Queensland, including 25 years in Mackay. Two years ago I moved to Brisbane after being accepted as a candidate for ministry. I am studying my Bachelor of Theology and attend training at Trinity College in Auchenflower. I did a student placement at Tarragindi Uniting Church last year and am spending this year at Cleveland. I live with my dog and cat and do patchwork for fun.

Moira Dodsworth     May 2017