24 September 2017

The gospel message turns the ideas given to us by society upside down, the message of Jesus is not logical and is therefore challenging, there is no work ethic in the parable, there is no fairness instead all are provided for so that they can feed their families. We can get too concerned about fairness…

3 September 2017: Father’s Day

Genuine love is the love that comes from God so it is this love that we as Christians must demonstrate. Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold onto what is good. This is the message of the Romans reading and then Paul continues to tell us how to show love that is genuine….

13 August 2017 – Rev Moira Dodsworth

We say that we are the church of Christ, we believe in God and trust him but do we really act in this way?  Or do we act like Peter on the water and allow our doubts or worries about practical things get in the way?  We need to discern God’s plan and then let God take control.  It is when we let the worldly worries get in the way that things don’t happen. Bible reading from Matthew 14:32,33.