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18 February 2018

11 February 18



In addition to the comments on the opposite page, there are a number of key roles that need to be filled. The following roles are vital if we are to participate fruitfully in the Mission that God calls us to, as well as find ways to support that mission financially and continue to offer a safe place for people to meet and worship.


Communication Coordinator – this role will replace what has been called the media liaison.  Our hope is that this person will play a key role in maximising the impact of our congregational notice sheet, electronic communications (e.g. web site) and external advertising.  You don’t need to be an expert in any of these areas, but you do need to be keen to help us share our message effectively.

Fundraising Chair – last year the congregational meeting asked for a group to be formed that would give their attention to fundraising and a small enthusiastic group has come together.  This was done recognising that there may be alternative ways for us to meet our congregational budget and there are some great ideas on the way.  By default, Lynette Hardman has found herself leading this group. Lyn is very keen to continue but sees herself more in the support/secretary role so we are looking for someone to take on the task of leading this group.  Please speak to Lynette Hardman or John Murray or the office if you would like to talk about this further.

 Fire Warden – this might sound like a role in a movie but we need to take our responsibilities for safety seriously even though we might think that the idea of a fire on our property might be remote.  The task is not as difficult as one might imagine and focusses more directly on making sure that regular users of the property have access to information about what to do in case of fire and where to gather for safety in case of a fire.  Our last work place health and safety inspection has asked that this position is filled.  Please contact Graham Swann if you would like to know more, training and orientation for the task is available. 

A.V. Operators – at this stage we have one or two people who provide the majority of the support for sound and vision in worship (particularly in our morning services) and we are keen to broaden the base for this valuable ministry.  The job is not really as daunting as it might first seem and with a keenness for the task and little bit of training you will soon be up and running.  Even once a month or so would be a great help.  Please talk to John Cameron-Smith if you would like to know more.

If you would like to know more about any of these key roles call the office on 07 3286 5627 or email us at

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