Men's Shed is a group for all men. There's no age limit so come along to knock about with a group of like-minded mates. Enjoy a mornings work, a bite to eat and chat.

"What I get from going to Men's Shed is camaraderie. That and it's nice to keep active, use your mind and physically do things... it's good to see what other people are doing with their different skills."

Come and learn how CUC  Men's Shed give back to the community.

For more information please contact Ben Warner on (07) 3286 5627 or email or pop down one morning.

Open: Monday and Wednesdays 8am to 12 noon

36 Passage Street, Cleveland QLD 4163


CUC Men's Shed 10th Anniversary
Mates Working Together

On Wednesday, 14th June, the CUC Men’s shed gathered with many of their wives in order to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this group. This group was established as an independent body under the Australian Men’s Shed Association with the assistance and support of the Cleveland congregation. It was a privilege to have both a number of inaugural members and also some of the initial dreamers from the congregation present.

This group operates on Monday and Wednesday mornings under the men’s shed philosophy that men support each other best when they are working alongside each other, but also supports members who just drop in to have a chat- and even the occasional wandering Minister.

They also support the community through projects and were pivotal in the restoration of the Cleveland lighthouse and a number of historical modelling projects.

We are thankful for the continuing support this group provide for the Redlands congregation through assisting with the maintenance of the Cleveland manse.

We thank God for the support and encouragement that this group has brought to so many men over the years.

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