Day Camp 27 June - 1 July 2022
What is Day Camp?

Day Camp is a learning and adventure program run over 5 days during the June/July school holidays. It is for primary school age children (grades 1-6) as well as those in middle school(grade 7-8).

It involves adventure games, singing, craft activities, gunyah making, challenge activities and sports. Buses take campers to and from the site each day, with pickup locations around the Redlands, so you get all the fun of camping during the day while still sleeping in your own bed each night!

Day Camp is a way young people can be introduced to the love God has for them, the sense of community that comes from living in a camping environment, and a way they can appreciate the wonder of God’s creation.

Registration for Day Camp 26 June- 1 July 2022
Camper registration

Camper registration will be open in week 5 of 2nd term. To comply with our Safe Ministry with Children Policy we will only take the number of campers for the number leaders. So when registrations open register quickly. No pre-registrations taken. You can email to request a registration form.

Day Camp 2019 Highlights

Child Protection

We work hard to ensure that Cleveland UC is a place where children can be safe and see this as a responsibility of our entire community. As we work to develop an extended network of guardianship, we aim to keep children in the church safe from harm.

We have systems in place to help us:

  • Provide physical environments that are clean, well-maintained and free from hazards
  • Conduct activities that are appropriate for the age and abilities of the child
  • Screen the people who want to work with children and provide those who are approved with ongoing training, oversight and support
  • Maintain behaviours that are within the range of acceptable actions and interrupt boundary violations (inappropriate behaviours)
  • Encourage people to speak up, raise concerns and provide feedback. This helps us to know when people are feeling safe and when they are not.

If you have any concerns about a program, leaders or want more information about ways that we seek to provide a safe environment for all ages, contact Rev. Peter.

We have a system for handling concerns regarding children. The policy, process and complaint forms are
available at Alternatively you may report abuse by calling 1800 586 591.

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