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You might be exploring things about Christmas for the very first time or perhaps you are someone who just loves everything about Christmas!! Regardless of where you sit on that line here are a few links to some stories and songs that you might like to enjoy with your family.  Or if you are like me and a bit of a kid at heart then they might just put a smile on your face as you look at them even if you’ve seen them before.

The Unexpected Christmas is produced by The St Paul’s Anglican Church from Aukland in New Zealand, The Really Good News of Christmas was produced by the Bible Society and there is an Australian and English version. Hey Mary and Bethlehem and Bethlehem Rhapsody are songs with wonderful animation for you to enjoy.  See how many things you can spot in Hey Mary that might not have been in the original story. We hope you have fun whether browsing these on your own or with family or friends.

Have a great Christmas!    

-Peter Smale

The Unexpected Christmas


Hey Mary


Bethlehem Rhapsody


The Really Good News of Christmas


The Really Good News of Christmas- British Version for fun :)


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